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« I have to relax… be more focus… sleep more… eat better… heal my back…».

Easier said than done when you work all day in front of a computer ! Are you always on your smartphone, addicted to your computer, badly sitting on your chair ? After running everywhere all day at work, do you have pain everywhere ?

Discover the YOGIST method, a book to keep on your desk, to be well at work !

The book « Like a Yogist », contains :

60 illustrated exercices to do in less than 5 minutes, at your desk or elsewhere
10 steps to release tensions in your body and prevent pain.
Prevention gestures to learn how to fight against anxiety, back pain, migraines, stomach pain and insomnia…
A meditation initiation to relax fast
The principles coming from yoga and Ayurveda to adapt your diet and life hygiene to your needs, your body and own pace.
Already 15 000 books sold in France and Germany

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