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Since Covid 19, we are even more sedentary. When we work from home, we move less and less and move from screen to screen, seat to seat, without taking the time to take the pauses that protect our bodies from tension and oxygenate our brains.
The next epidemic for remote workers is musculoskeletal disorders (back pain, neck pain, eye strain, hand tendinitis ….) and mental fatigue, which have already exploded among employees and which we all experience with varying intensity.
YOGIST Books: 2 anti-stress and anti-pain bibles related to job and remote work. Always without changing, without equipment, at your workplace…or at home!

The book « Comme un Yogist » (2016), contains:

60 illustrated exercises to do in less than 5 minutes, at your desk or elsewhere.
10 steps to release tensions in your body and prevent pain.
Prevention gestures to learn how to fight against anxiety, back pain, migraines, stomach pain and insomnia…
A meditation initiation to relax fast.
The principles coming from yoga and Ayurveda to adapt your diet and life hygiene to your needs, your body and own pace.
Already 15 000 books sold in France and Germany.

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The book « Pauses Yogist » (2020), contains:

A series of 50 physical exercises and mental breaks for every situation in everyday life: managing stress, relaxing after a day on your feet, concentrating before an important meeting, taking a caffeine shot without coffee, relieving pain after a 100% geeky day, moving around in transport or recharging your batteries at night…
Expert advice: Isabelle Simonetto, a neuroscientist specializing in memory, and Gérald Kierzec, an emergency doctor, have put their hands to the task.
Precepts on the “Yogist” state of mind, a coaching in 15 lessons to better live one’s work and one’s day: practical advice on how to manage a conflict, make a professional choice, act instead of reacting… lessons from the author’s experience and inspiring role models.

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